GasTechno Seeks Merger to Grow Dominant Worldwide Clean Fuels Business (Issue 53, SEPTEMBER 2022)

September 2, 2022 – GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC (“GEF”), the world leader in single-step methane-to-methanol conversion technology, recently acquired a 36-acre industrial site in Michigan to commence manufacturing of its fifth generation Mini-GTL® 300 and Mini-GTL® 750 renewable fuels plants. GEF invested over $3 million in 2021-22 to acquire in-house manufacturing capability, improve its Mini-GTL® plant design and complete PCAOB audits of its 2018 – 2021 financial statements.

GEF’s modular Mini-GTL® plants and its proprietary pre-treatment RNG system will be deployed at stranded gas landfills and dairy farms to produce low-to-negative carbon intensity renewable liquid fuels from biogas on-site. The Mini-GTL® 300 plant is designed to process biogas flows of 200-700 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) to produce up to 3,000 gallons per day (gpd) renewable methanol-ethanol while the Mini-GTL® 750 processes 400-1500 scfm to produce over 2 million gallons per year of these renewable fuels. The modular Mini-GTL plants are contained in 45-foot shipping containers, ideal for rapid deployment at space-constrained biogas sites. These plants will be manufactured at GasTechno’s new Michigan facility to serve biogas projects worldwide.

“We had a resurgence in investor support during 2021-2022 allowing us to build out the latest Mini-GTL® 300 and Mini-GTL® 750 plant designs and, given ongoing global supply chain challenges, we concluded that it would be best for GEF to manufacture its own plants in-house versus outsourcing. We plan to manufacture at least one Mini-GTL® 750 plant per month at our Michigan facility to allow deployment of twelve or more turn-key biogas-to-methanol renewable fuel projects in 2023-2024. GEF offers the lowest production cost solution to our partners,” according to Walter Breidenstein, the CEO.

GEF is completing final steps in preparation for a merger with a SPAC or public corporation with the objective to capture a dominant position in the rapidly growing renewable fuel and chemical sectors. The company has developed financial forecasts based on delivering turn-key EPC projects (build, own, operate, transfer-BOOT) to customers complete with a take-or-pay off-take agreement for renewable fuels backed by an insurance guarantee. The base forecast assumes construction of twenty-seven (27) Mini-GTL® plants and affiliated GasTechno Energy Centers located across Michigan, California, Texas and New York over 10 years. Energy Centers will supply low-to-negative carbon intensity renewable fuels such as hydrogen, DME, diesel, jet fuel and include electric fast-charging stations to serve the medium-duty truck and semi-truck markets. On-site power generated from renewable methanol at Energy Centers will provide the lowest carbon intensity EV fast charging system compared to traditional grid and RNG connected EV charging competitors.

GEF targets to reach $3 billion to $5 billion in annual revenue within 7 years based on the projected spike in low carbon fuel demand as the US pursues aggressive decarbonization in the transportation sector supported by recently passed legislation including the Inflation Reduction Act. In addition to the twenty-seven planned Energy Centers, GEF will license and sell turn-key Mini-GTL® systems to large renewable energy developers, corporations and government sponsors seeking to produce low carbon renewable fuels and chemicals.

According to a March 2021 Quality of Intellectual Property (QoIP) research study by Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions, GasTechno holds the world’s largest portfolio of single-step gas-to-methanol patents, exceeding competitors including Linde, Haldor Topsoe, Shell, Air Liquide, Exxon Mobil and EnBw. The AON study, part of an extensive due diligence package, is available for review by merger candidates.

During Q4 2022, GEF will initiate interviews with a short list of SPACs and public corporations seeking a merger combination in the low carbon fuels sector and anticipates reaching agreed terms by year-end. GEF is represented by Winston & Strawn, Houston and Kilpatrick Townsend, Washington, DC.

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