Convert Gas to Liquids in a Single Step

The GasTechno® process is a non-catalytic gas-to-liquids technology that converts methane to methanol in one step. Developed by alternative energy company Gas Technologies LLC, GasTechno® is an economic gas conversion platform for small scale producers.

The GasTechno® process is designed to monetize small scale sources of stranded gas from 50 thousand standard cubic feet per day (mscfd) to 30 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd); a niche market representing 80% of the global stranded and flared gas market.

Because GasTechno is catalyst-free, it can process a wide range of off-spec feed gases without costly pre-treatment. In almost all cases, from gas produced at biodigesters and landfills to associated gas flared at oil wells, the process accepts methane feedstock "as is."

GasTechno® Features

.: Small Scale Solution
GasTechnoplants are scalable and transportable with the ability to profitably operate at small volumes, allowing even modest point sources to meet carbon reduction goals.

.: Affordable
GasTechno plants are up to 70% lower in capital costs than traditional methanol plants at commercial scales. Operating costs are also reduced by an estimated 20% or more.

.: Natural Gas Applications
The process economically converts stranded or flared gas from remote and/or small scale locations, coal seam and coal bed methane.

.: Biogas and Landfill Gas Applications
The process is well suited to processing off-spec gases resulting from agricultural waste, municipal waste, algal biomass and other renewable sources.

.: Configurable
Add-on processing modules that convert methanol to DME, gasoline, fertilizers or electricity can be engineered into the same commercial plant. Since methanol is so versatile and our CAPEX is unmatched, GasTechno plants can be configured to optimize the economics of the most demanding applications. Send us an inquiry.

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NEWS: GasTechno to Offer Exclusive Country-Level Mini-GTL® Technology Licenses

June 4, 2018, Gas Technologies LLC, and its wholly-owned subsidiary GasTechno Energy & Fuels Holding (UK) Limited (GEFH), will begin this month to market exclusive country-level licenses to its patented, single-step GasTechno® gas-to-liquid ("Mini-GTL") process. GEFH is the exclusive global licensee of the GasTechno® process.

Exclusive licenses will allow for deployment of the patented GasTechno® process within that country. The GasTechno® process is designed to convert natural gas, associated gas, biogas, landfill gas and other methane-containing gases directly into commercially saleable methanol, ethanol, and formalin with up to 70% lower costs and at smaller-scales than traditional GTL or small-scale methanol technologies. Coupled with either conventional NGL processing equipment, or our latest proprietary shipping container based NGL ("natural gas liquids") system, GasTechno's Mini-GTL® plant converts $9-12 BOE ("barrel oil equivalent") associated gas into $70+ BOE fuels and chemicals at the well-site while reducing carbon emissions to meet compliance targets. While traditional NGL systems recover up to 25% of the associated flared gas volume, our combined GasTechno NGL-GTL solution recovers up to 89% of the associated gas and creates additional cash flow and economic value from formerly wasted resources, bolstering Return on Capital Employed for our customers.

During 2018, the most advanced Mini-GTL® system was reconfigured to incorporate a patented drop-in diesel fuel distillation system that completed testing in 2016 using funding from a US Department of Energy Grant. A successful feasibility study followed in 2018 on a compact, modular system that will be offered in the exclusive licensing package. The GasTechno diesel technology solution is the lowest cost diesel production system in the world.

"We continue to receive a significant number of requests worldwide to license our technology on a project-by-project basis. However, given our global infrastructure with headquarters in London, UK, and country offices in Moscow, Mumbai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, we decided to offer exclusive country-level technology licenses" stated GasTechno CEO Walter Breidenstein. "Our exclusive country-level partners will gain deep expertise on our technology and through them, we will offer turn-key flaring solutions to end customers including oil & gas, biogas, landfill gas and waste-to-energy producers. GasTechno Energy & Fuels will provide our licensees with fully integrated system designs and access to our global manufacturing partners as we work together to address the massive global gas flaring problem and the growing biogas-to-biomethanol markets" said Mr. Breidenstein.

In 2016-17, DNV GL from the UK completed a Pre-Feasibility Study on a GasTechno NGL-GTL combined system processing 10 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) and their independent design will be included in the licensing package. In 2018, GasTechno also filed a patent application a new Tri-Fuel Methanol, Natural Gas and Propane Generator Conversion Kit system. Their first complete conversion of a 110 KW generator was completed in May, 2018. This new Tri-Fuel Generator system is included.

.: Read the complete release here.

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