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John Baker

John Baker is a recognized expert in bioreactor landfills, leachate and groundwater treatment (including PFAS and 1 4 dioxane) waste density and compaction optimization, alternate landfill caps, LFG, groundwater quality, hydrogeology, innovative wastewater treatment, surface water quality management, landfill operational efficiencies, and alternative waste management technologies He has led numerous State and Federal workshops for groundwater monitoring and assessment techniques, bioreactors, and innovative technologies for LFG management Before joining GasTechno John previously worked 23 years for Waste Management, Inc. (most recently as the Director of New Technology). In this role, Mr. Baker was responsible for developing innovative methods for environmental assessment, including using 1 4 dioxane as a tracer in plume migration studies, remediation and wastewater treatment, and proactive management, operation and design of active and closed landfills He developed and managed over 30 bioreactor landfill demonstrations and helped in the permitting and conceptual design of the Outer Loop Landfill bioreactor in Louisville working with the State of Kentucky and United States Environmental Protection Agency (on a cooperative research basis).


Master of Environmental Engineering M.S.
1973, University of Illinois, Urbana
B.S., Biology/ Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana. 1971