Convert Gas to Liquids in a Single Step

The GasTechno® process is a non-catalytic gas-to-liquids technology that converts methane to methanol in one step. Developed by alternative energy company Gas Technologies LLC, GasTechno® is an economic gas conversion platform for small scale producers.

The GasTechno® process is designed to monetize small scale sources of stranded gas from 50 thousand standard cubic feet per day (mscfd) to 30 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd); a niche market representing 80% of the global stranded and flared gas market.

Because GasTechno is catalyst-free, it can process a wide range of off-spec feed gases without costly pre-treatment. In almost all cases, from gas produced at biodigesters and landfills to associated gas flared at oil wells, the process accepts methane feedstock "as is."

GasTechno® Features

.: Small Scale Solution
GasTechnoplants are scalable and transportable with the ability to profitably operate at small volumes, allowing even modest point sources to meet carbon reduction goals.

.: Affordable
GasTechno plants are up to 70% lower in capital costs than traditional methanol plants at commercial scales. Operating costs are also reduced by an estimated 20% or more.

.: Natural Gas Applications
The process economically converts stranded or flared gas from remote and/or small scale locations, coal seam and coal bed methane.

.: Biogas and Landfill Gas Applications
The process is well suited to processing off-spec gases resulting from agricultural waste, municipal waste, algal biomass and other renewable sources.

.: Configurable
Add-on processing modules that convert methanol to DME, gasoline, fertilizers or electricity can be engineered into the same commercial plant. Since methanol is so versatile and our CAPEX is unmatched, GasTechno plants can be configured to optimize the economics of the most demanding applications. Send us an inquiry.

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NEWS: Gas Technologies announces Early Adopter Program extension through 2013

Enables global customers access to field demonstration site
Walloon Lake, MI., September 3, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), manufacturer of the innovative GasTechno® gas to liquids process, announced today that it has extended its Early Adopter Program through December 31, 2013 and is now evaluating customer projects in the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and Brazil.

The extension coincides with the company's progression to commercialization phase following recent launch of its new GasTechno® Portable Mini-GTL® demonstration site, which will be open for onsite tours and operational training to all existing and new customers over the next three months. The Portable Mini-GTL is the world's first and only single-step gas-to-liquids production capability, enabling significant cost take-out and greater access to the broad gas-to-liquids market.

"We genuinely feel like we have set a world record by building a first class GTL technology on one of the smallest R&D budgets ever possible," said GTL CEO Walter Breidenstein. "You will discover tens, even hundreds of millions, invested by our competitors in the GTL sector, as well as competing biofuel and biomass technologies funded by fortune 1000 corporations, government grants and VC backed companies out of Silicon Valley. Yet our Early Adopter customers recognize the unique value only GTL can offer."

The company is taking new applications for Early Adopters during the balance of 2013 to start commercial projects in locations around the world. The company is specifically seeking customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, EU, Russia, China, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam, and throughout the Middle East.

The Early Adopter program requires a $50,000 pre-feasibility study fee, a $250,000 basic engineering fee and a $2-3 million Mini-GTL capital cost for the selected project. The program provides customer access to the new Portable Mini-GTL plant, where the Early Adopter customers will see the automation and advancements that have been incorporated over the initial Mobile Trailer pilot plant built in 2010.

GasTechno Portable Mini-GTL on location"I think what we have done since the construction of our Mobile Trailer unit three years ago is deserving of sincere recognition," said Breidenstein. "Our amazing staff, patient Early Adopter customers and shareholders, loyal Board of Advisors and all the committed consultants, lawyers, sub-contractors and industry supporters deserve credit. Without them it would not have been possible to overcome the challenges and stay focused on the objective of providing a breakthrough solution to our customers and the market. To them I want to personally say thank you from my heart!"

In each country where Early Adopters have been selected, GTL will issue exclusive Master License Agreements (MLA) in order to fast track commercialization. The MLA is a unique legal licensing concept created during 2006-2008 when the company evaluated gas flaring reduction opportunities in Nigeria. GTL will announce more details on this aggressive global licensing program later in September, to coincide with the first issued exclusive MLA being approved and signed within the United States.

Qualified potential customers that seek to receive an Early Adopter application and have the initial capital to pay for the pre-feasibility and engineering fees on their project will be entitled to a tour of the plant operations in Michigan to learn the advantages of the GasTechno process over competitors. For more information, please contact CEO Walter Breidenstein directly at walterb@gastechno.com.
.: Read the complete release here.

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