GasTechno’s Mini-GTL® plant embodies 15+ years of R&D, and is third-party validated to be up to 70% lower in capital costs than competitors. The Mini-GTL’s modular design has a compact footprint ideal for deployment and operation at remote locations for on-site conversion of stranded and associated gas into high value liquid chemicals and fuels. Mini-GTL® plants can be fabricated in months and installed in days. Operational testing shows resilience and reliability under demanding conditions including partial power outages, gas supply disruptions and extreme weather. Mini-GTL® plants can be adapted for multiple feedstocks ranging from rich associated gas to lean biogas.

Patented Technology Available for Exclusive
or Non-Exclusive Licensing Worldwide

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC (Canada, USA, Mexico license) and GasTechno Energy & Fuels Holding (UK) Limited (Worldwide, except North America) are the exclusive owners of Master IP licenses (patents, trademarks, know-how) for the Mini-GTL® and associated technologies. All sub-licensing is negotiated and contracted through these subsidiaries.

In July 2013, Gas Technologies USA Patents were independently rated the #1 most valuable in Michigan by Ocean Tomo (world’s leading IP valuation firm).

In January 2017, our USA Patents were independently valued between $100 million and $135 million USD by Ocean Tomo.

Green Economy becomes global

GasTechno® Mini-GTL® is the only third-party proven direct methane conversion technology operating in the world (no known single-step competitors). It is the only gas-to-liquids conversion process that is economic beginning at small scales ($2 MM CapEx plants, 300 mscfd) without government subsidies.

A Nexant study validated the GasTechno® methanol system to be up to 70% lower CAPEX and 20% lower OPEX than other methanol competitors. GasTechno® plants are also 70% lower weight, have 70% less equipment, are 70% less complex and approximately 70% more carbon efficient than its competitors. In 2018, an independent Nexant study shows GasTechno’s® methanol cost of production to be $172 per ton USD including delivery by rail to a Midwest Terminal, cost of trucking to the end customer, and a 10% ROCE. At the time, the January 2019 price of methanol was $442 per ton USD delivered to Houston, and nearly $460 delivered to the Midwest.

GasTechno® Mini-GTL® Ideal
for Diverse Gas Markets Globally

Associated Gas Flare Capture:
The Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership at World Bank estimated that 141 billion cubic meters (bcm) of associated gas was flared at the wellhead in 2017 (right). Market demand is burgeoning for cleantech solutions to address global gas flaring (equipment vendors, oilfield services, systems integrators etc.) given increasingly stringent government mandates to reduce wasteful flaring and / or convert to renewable energy. North Dakota and Nigeria are examples of jurisdictions with strict flaring regulations that threaten to restrict oil production if associated gas capture targets are not met. Emitters can simultaneously monetize associated gas and meet compliance targets via a GasTechno® license to deploy Mini-GTL® for gas capture and conversion.



Well-Head & Gas Plant Integration:
All pipeline sales require the operator to meet stringent gas quality specs to enter the pipeline. Often this is achieved by use of cryogenic or other expensive separation equipment adding significant operations costs. The Mini-GTL® plant eliminates those costs and can more than double the revenue for pipeline gas sales by converting gas-to-liquids.

Biogas, Biomethane, Coal Mine Methane and Landfill Gas:
The global market for biomass-to-fuels conversion is booming. Renewable fuels and biofuels are the future for clean fuels technology. There is simply no other technology worldwide better suited for this opportunity than the GasTechno® Mini-GTL® system.