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Gas Technologies Launches Worldwide Commercial Program

Gas Technologies (GTL), manufacturer of the innovative GasTechno® gas to liquids process, launches an Commercial Program designed to introduce the Mini-GTL(TM) plant to its global customer base.

PETOSKEY, MI - (February 1, 2012). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), manufacturer of the innovative GasTechno® gas to liquids process, launched the GasTechno Commercial Program (CP). Limited to seven exclusive customers worldwide, the program is designed to introduce the company’s flagship offering, the Mini-GTLTM Methanol Processing Package. Click to zoom

Participants will be selected through a competitive bidding process. CP bid packages are available through the company and will be accepted until February 15, 2012. Companies wishing to tender bids for the GasTechno Commercial Program will be evaluated based on project merit and prospective opportunities for future collaboration in either commercial or developmental applications of the technology.

GasTechno’s focus is the conversion and monetization of flared or stranded natural gas. The company is also evaluating and developing processes for methanol-to-diesel (MTD), methanol-to-gasoline (MTG), methanol-to-jet fuel, methanol-to-olefins (MTO), glycols, amines, fertilizers and other bolt-on processes that provide exceptional ROI’s and high profit margins. Securing a "flare to fuels" partner with similar interests is a high priority for the program. Operators with gas resources at landfills and biodigesters are also targeted.

In support of the Commercial Program, the company is developing a financing strategy that allows Early Adopters to jointly participate in acquisition strategies targeting stranded natural gas reserves.

Though "proven" geologically, stranded reserves cannot be included in the bookable value of an asset without an economically viable method to deliver that product to market. Deploying a GasTechno plant on stranded reserves converts stranded gas to liquid product that sells at market prices trending well above pipeline prices. By converting and marketing stranded reserves at improved pricing, this strategy has the potential to improve asset valuations at more than 5 to 10 times by exploiting provisions in the modernized SEC oil and gas reporting requirements that permit the use of "alternative product pricing" to value proven reserves.

With record lows in the natural gas markets, companies are offering natural gas assets at very attractive pricing. "We want to demonstrate the enormous potential in stranded North American gas reserves; that will only be possible when industry understands the market potential in converting those reserves to liquids at the surface. Currently the industry focus is finding and developing natural gas liquids below ground, but few really understand the financial potential unlocked by small scale conversion of existing gas to liquids with GasTechno above ground" says Walter Breidenstein, CEO. "Our industry studies have been completed and all the economic and technical models are developed. Our goal in the Commercial Program is to open up our expertise and demonstrate what we have proven over the last several years in this growing sector."

The new financing strategy will be announced in Q1 that involves acquiring an existing public company with natural gas assets, or moving forward with a reverse merger. The company has securities attorneys and specialists working to complete the final structure and ensure it benefits all Early Adopter participants. Josephine Race, COO stated, "Gas Technologies will be a global company within the next few years and we will do it with the support of our Early Adopters."

To be considered for the GasTechno Commercial Program contact CEO Walter Breidenstein and request an CP bid package. Submissions will be accepted until February 15, 2012.

About Gas Technologies
Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) is an alternative energy company and world leader in the single step conversion of methane to methanol. The GasTechno® platform converts methane into valuable commodity fuels, high-end intermediates and specialty chemicals via the GasTechno® family of technologies. GasTechno® plants are scalable, transportable and profitable at small volumes, monetizing even modest sources of CO2, methane, landfill gas, biogas and bio-methane. Our latest designs include a food and fuels production system that processes CO2 and methane, the greenhouse gases primarily responsible for global warming. The GasTechno® platform offers unique design and in engineering services for patent licensing of technologies involving natural gas processes and chemical processing plants.

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