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Konstantin Ryazantsev, Representative

Konstantin Ryazantsev has more than 25 years of experience in oil & gas industry. Working with major multinational companies such as Schlumberger, Shell, BP, Total and Statoil, he has acquired deep understating in most disciplines required in the industry, namely drilling, production and processing technologies and associated equipment, project management, procurement and supply chain. In his career, he has participated in the following major full field development projects:

  • • Shtokman gas field (FPU/pipeline/LNG) - JV Gazprom, Total, Statoil
  • • Sakhalin II (3 production platforms/OPF/pipelines/LNG) - JV Shell, Gazprom, Mitsubishi, Mitsui
  • • Verkhnechonskoye oilfield (Associated Gas Utilization) - TNK-BP
  • • Kovykta gas field (full field development) - Rusia Petroleum (TNK-BP)
  • • Uvat oilfield (full field development) - TNK-BP

Mr. Ryazantsev always expressed an interest in the development of new technologies, and the for the last several years he specialized in marketing of a new technology in gas processing based on super-sonic separation intended for natural and associated gas conditioning, dew-pointing, NGL recovery and CO2 removal.

Konstantin Ryazantsev obtained Master Degree in Cybernetics of Electrical Systems from Moscow Power Energy University in 1988 and later he completed the following specific courses:

  • 1. Management Centre Europe - The European headquarters of the American Management Association - Leadership for Manager: How to implement Business Strategy
  • 2. Shell International: Advanced Negotiation Program
  • 3. Shell Open University: SCM Advanced, SCM Cost Modeling, Strategic Sourcing Level 2, Category Management Advanced, SAP SCM Reporting, SAP/Business Warehouse Advanced, Export Controls Advanced
  • 4. Harvard Business School: 3-D Negotiations
  • 5. British Petroleum: ASSET «Oil & Gas Company Management», “Oilfield evaluation”, «Field Development & Production”
  • 6. Ernst & Young Academy of Business: Financial modeling in oil and gas projects
  • 7. Schlumberger: Supply Chain Academy, Oil field Services Supply Chain basics, GOLD Supply Chain Solution awareness