GasTechno® Value Proposition

React, Recycle, RepeatProcess Elegance = Improved Economics
Until GasTechno the costs associated with implementing traditional gas-to-liquids technologies kept mid-level producers out of the gas conversion market.

The GasTechno process uses direct homogenous partial oxidation to convert methane to methanol and implements a recycle loop to recover the products it produces, and then recycle unreacted gases back to repeat the process. Because the recycle loop requires no heating and the reaction does not use a catalyst, this recycling method is very economical and scalable.

In February of 2010, GTL received third-party scalability validation of the GasTechno process for up to 30 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmscfd). In 2006 the economics of the process were independently evaluated at 50% - 70% capital cost and up to 20% lower operating cost than competing technologies. It has currently no commercial competitors worldwide for a wide range of applicable scales.

Methanol Competitiveness Study - Nexant ChemSystems (2006)
Nexant ChemSystems (Nexant), one of the world's largest chemical engineering consultancies, compared the GasTechno process to all known competing commercial methane conversion technologies. The study concluded that the GasTechno process is "far superior to conventional methanol [conversions]." GTL has modeled the data, updated the model to reflect current pricing, and summarized the analysis below.

CAPEX Discussion
The estimated capital cost for a commercial plant accommodating 30 million standard cubic feet per day (30MMscfd) of 98% methane is approximately $92 mm, which includes all equipment necessary for full self-sufficiency (i.e. electrical production, heating requirements, and gas compression). The plant accepts pressures from atmospheric up to 8.5 megapascal (MPa). Higher inlet pressures reduce the capital cost associated with step-up compression.

Comparison of Technologies at 30 mm scfd Commercial Scale

"The Case I GasTechno plant option, that which does not require additional product processing and can be viewed as primarily a methanol technology, is far superior to conventional methanol. We feel that a potential licensee with access to smaller gas reserves will strongly consider this technology..."

Nexant ChemSystems
Methanol Technology Competitiveness Study, 2006

GasTechno® ICI Methanol Ammonia SynFuel LNG
CAPEX $92 MM $182 MM $218 MM $155 MM $168 MM
OPEX (cash) $30 MM $48 MM $55 MM $45 MM $42 MM
Production (MTPA) 330,000 270,000 320,000 130,000 170,000
Current Price
$344/MT* $466/MT $450/MT $722/MT $203/MT
Gross Revenue $113 MM $100 MM $145 MM $92 MM $35 MM

All values are according to a study conducted by Nexant ChemSystems in 2006 with revenues updated for current prices.

*Gross Revenue for the GasTechno process includes pricing for all product constituents: Includes 160,000 metric tons of methanol, 150,000 metric tons of formalin, and 16,000 metric tons of ethanol.