GasTechno® Technology

The GasTechno process is simple, React - Recover - Recycle. The process uses direct partial oxidation to convert gas to methanol which can produce any number of desirable products.

About GasTechno®
GasTechno ProcessProcess Overview
GasTechno plants use direct partial oxidation; an inexpensive, scalable process that brings economic gas conversion solutions to even modest producers of methane gas. Process in detail..

.: Read about our GasTechno Mini-GTL Advanced Alcohol, Biofuels and Chemical Plant

Value Proposition
In 2006 the economics of the GasTechno process were independently evaluated at 50% - 70% capital cost and up to 20% lower operating cost than competing technologies. It has currently no commercial competitors worldwide for a wide range of applicable scales.

Value PropositionIf you are a producer flaring gas or abandoning stranded reserves, or a chemical or alternative fuels company that can't keep up with fluctuating feedstock costs, the GasTechno Process can change your business model. Compare our costs...

Methanol Markets
Methanol Uses - Links, Research & White Papers: Market news plus a selection of scholarly works on fuel and agricultural applications of methanol.

Why Methanol?... The GasTechno process produces a blended product comprised of methanol, formaldehyde and ethanol. The blended product price trends well above "standard" pipeline costs.

Methanol PricingMethanol Pricing Outlook: Despite constrained demand due to weakened activity in the construction and manufacturing sectors, if high oil prices are factored into the methanol pricing equation pricing looks firm.

"Based on MMSA estimates using conventional methanol production technology versus GasTechno design claims, employing the GasTechno technology would place the user among the most competitive suppliers of methanol to Asia, on firm competitive basis."

Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA)

"Gas flaring is extensive... much of the flaring occurs at small and remote sites for which few utilization options are currently available. The Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership therefore encourages efforts to support development of technologies, such as that being developed by Gas Technologies, that may have the potential to convert gas currently being glared into useful products."

Brent Svensson, Program Manager, Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division, World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR)