GasTechno® Stranded Gas Solution

The Problem
By definition, stranded gas cannot be delivered to market, either for economic or logistical reasons. Stranded reserves can be too small or too remote to warrant a pipeline, or loaded with enough contaminants that pre-treatment costs make the project economically unattractive.

Though "proven" geologically, stranded reserves cannot be included in the bookable value of an asset without an economically viable method to deliver product to market.

The hit to your bottom line is three-fold:
- Lost acquisition and development dollars,
- Unrealized revenue potential,
- Lost "bookable reserves" that could potentially be leveraged for other operations.

Revenue + Bookable Reserve Benefits
Deploying a GasTechno plant monetizes stranded reserves by generating revenue from the sale of converted product. The blended GasTechno product price trends well above pipeline prices.

Operators deploying GasTechno plants may be able to exploit recent changes in the SEC oil and gas reporting requirements (Dec 2009) to use the GasTechno "alternative product pricing" to calcluate the value of proven reserves. Gas Technologies is pursuing this "reliable technology" standard with the appropriate regulators precisely to offer this value-added benefit.

Ideal Stranded Gas Solution

Application Specifics

  • Technical Considerations: Feed composition and pressure

  • Operational Considerations: Roads in place.

  • Utilities: On-site oxygen supply (LOX) or VSA or VPSA for oxygen production

  • Standard Processing Module: GasTechno Truncated Process (where raw liquid product is stored and shipped to a central processing plant for distillation) or Optional Features: Process automation, remote monitoring/alarms

  • Add-on Optional Processing Modules: GasTechno® to Methanol, GasTechno® to Formalin

"In my opinion the GTL process has great promise for solving the problems of handling natural gas from remote locations and also from small sources."

Dr. Robert Carr, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota