GasTechno® Solutions

GasTechno plants are scalable, transportable and operate profitably at small volumes. Even modest producers can meet carbon reduction goals by capturiing and processing stranded, flared or vented gas.

Gas Flare Reduction
Our focus is gas flaring reduction. The World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) Partnership indicates that approximately 14.3 billion standard cubic feet of gas are flared per day worldwide; over 5.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are wasted annually. World Bank estimates that CO2 emissions from flaring comprise approximately 13% of committed emission reductions by developed countries.

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With a high tolerance to nitrogen and carbon dioxide GasTechno handles gas produced by biodigestors at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS). Plants can be configured to produce methanol or convert methane-to-electricity.

Stranded Gas
Convert and potentially book stranded gas reserves, even off-spec gas that would ordinarily require pre-treatment to inject. GasTechno tolerates up to 60% CO2, 25% N2, 25% H2S and any amount of ethane.

Landfill Gas
GasTechno plants tolerate off-spec gases. By reducing expensive pre-treatment processes and catalysts, municipal landfills can achieve greater efficiencies. Good for taxpayers, good for the environment.

Scalable Solutions
The global natural gas market is immense. Our solutions focus on sources that are difficult to monetize with traditional technologies; either due to the location, size or composition of the gas. Our product line of modular plants focuses on different slices of the small producer market. We are also open to leasing plans.
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Add-on Technology Modules
For cases where raw product is most efficiently separated and distilled off site, plants are equipped with the truncated process. Custom applications are accommodated by on-site process extensions like GasTechno® Electric Co-Production, GasTechno® Fertilizer and GasTechno® to Gasoline.