GasTechno® 2018 Press Directory

LATEST PRESS RELEASE: GasTechno to Offer Exclusive Country-Level Mini-GTL® Technology Licenses

June 4, 2018, Gas Technologies LLC, and its wholly-owned subsidiary GasTechno Energy & Fuels Holding (UK) Limited (GEFH), will begin this month to market exclusive country-level licenses to its patented, single-step GasTechno® gas-to-liquid ("Mini-GTL") process. GEFH is the exclusive global licensee of the GasTechno® process.

Exclusive licenses will allow for deployment of the patented GasTechno® process within that country. The GasTechno® process is designed to convert natural gas, associated gas, biogas, landfill gas and other methane-containing gases directly into commercially saleable methanol, ethanol, and formalin with up to 70% lower costs and at smaller-scales than traditional GTL or small-scale methanol technologies. Coupled with either conventional NGL processing equipment, or our latest proprietary shipping container based NGL ("natural gas liquids") system, GasTechno's Mini-GTL® plant converts $9-12 BOE ("barrel oil equivalent") associated gas into $70+ BOE fuels and chemicals at the well-site while reducing carbon emissions to meet compliance targets. While traditional NGL systems recover up to 25% of the associated flared gas volume, our combined GasTechno NGL-GTL solution recovers up to 89% of the associated gas and creates additional cash flow and economic value from formerly wasted resources, bolstering Return on Capital Employed for our customers.  .: Read the story here.