GasTechno® 2015 Press Directory

LATEST PRESS RELEASE: GasTechno Signs Manufacturing Agreement with GENERON and Establishes $2 Billion Gas Flaring Reduction Carbon Fund with Future Trends International Group, China

On November 6, 2015, Gas Technologies LLC, the licensor of the patented, single-step GasTechno® gas-to-liquids process, reached an agreement with GENERON to utilize their recognized custom engineering and fabrication capabilities to deliver the highest quality engineered systems and ongoing aftercare support.

"With burgeoning demand for small-scale GTL solutions needed to address increasingly stringent emissions and climate change regulations, GasTechno® expects to continue our rapid growth trajectory. We have had discussions with a number of manufacturers to identify those that can help us scale quickly and ensure the highest equipment safety standards are met. GENERON meets both of these needs" said Walter Breidenstein, CEO, Gas Technologies.  .: Read the story here.

GasTechno® & Supporters Awarded $350,000 Grant for North Dakota Associated Gas Flare Reduction Project

Walloon Lake, MI., January 14, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) – GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC ("GEF"), the subsidiary operating company of Gas Technologies LLC ("GTL"), announces a grant award of $350,000 from the Oil and Gas Research Program, North Dakota Industrial Commission ("NDIC") to deploy our patented, single-stage, mini gas-to-liquids ("Mini-GTL") technology for associated gas flaring reduction at a well site in North Dakota.

GEF was established in August 2013 to commercialize the patented GasTechno® process and develop a strategy for the implementation of the GasTechno® Mini-GTL® technology in the United States market..: Read the story here.