GasTechno® 2011 Press Directory

LATEST PRESS RELEASE: Gas Technologies Announces New Services Offering for 2012
PETOSKEY, MI - (December 31, 2011). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), manufacturer of the innovative GasTechno® gas to liquids process, announced new design and engineering services to expand its commercial program.   .: Read the story here.

Gas Technologies Announces Key Relationship with Michigan BioDiesel to Process Methanol and Develop Advanced Biofuels, Fertilizers & Chemicals
PETOSKEY, MI - (August 18, 2011). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) reached a milestone agreement today with Michigan BioDiesel LLC (http://www.mibiodiesel.com) to design-build the GasTechno® proprietary distillation system at Michigan BioDieselís Bangor location. Developed to process methanol, ethanol and other products the distillation units will be built and operated at the Bangor facility providing central processing services for GasTechno field units in the region. Commercialization is scheduled for 2012-2013 after demonstration.  .: Read the story here.

Gas Technologies Announces Key Relationship with PCI Gases Commercial Oxygen Division to Integrate VSA Onsite Oxygen Plants
PETOSKEY, MI - (August 11, 2011). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), developer of the GasTechno® methane-to-methanol conversion process, today announced its plans to cooperate with PCI Gases on the integration of their Deployable Oxygen Concentrator Systems (DOCS) into the process. PCIís DOCS technology uses a Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) gaseous generation technology that offers the lowest total cost of ownership for onsite oxygen generation in its size class.  .: Read the story here.

.: CBS Detroit Report

Gas Technologies Announces New Mini-GTL™ Advanced Alcohol, Biofuels And Chemical Plant
PETOSKEY, MI - (July 7, 2011). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) has streamlined its GasTechno® advanced alcohol, biofuels and chemical plant that profitably converts natural gas to liquids and chemical products at an unprecedented capital cost (CAPEX) of under $2 million USD. The company announced its new GasTechno® Mini-GTL™ gas-to-liquids plant packages will range in cost from $1.5 to $2.0 million per installation.
  .: Read the story here.

Gas Technologies to Raise $20 Million to Manufacture 10 Modular GasTechno Methanol Plants
PETOSKEY, MI - (April 13, 2011). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), developer of the GasTechno® methane to methanol conversion process, today announced its plans raise $20 million dollars to build ten modular GasTechno methanol plants for use by its customers and authorized representatives. The plants will be designed as complete turn-key packages and start generating revenues shortly after installation.
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New Videos Of GasTechno's Methane Technology (CBS Detroit)
PETOSKEY, MI - (February 22, 2011). Walloon Lake-based Gas Technologies LLC has released four new videos of its company process on YouTube. The videos, of a recent field demonstration in which the GasTechno® process produced methanol out of poor-quality natural gas, can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqGwUNWzmD8.

WatchGasTechno® - Field Demonstration Produces Methanol [Feb 2011]

.: CBS Detroit Report
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GasTechno: Test Of Methanol Process A Big Success (CBS Detroit)
PETOSKEY, MI - (February 6, 2011). Turning "waste" natural gas that is now simply flared off at many oil wells into useful ethanol and methanol -- and at an attractive price -- is now possible, thanks to technology developed by a Michigan company. Gas Technologies LLC, based in Walloon Lake, is demonstrating the GasTechno process in a field-scale unit that fits in a 20-foot-long trailer. Their new commercial unit will be in a 40-foot-long trailer. At an oil and gas processing plant in southern Michigan, Gas Technologies is turning pipeline natural gas with high levels of nitrogen into high-quality methanol and ethanol that burns with a clear blue flame.

.: Great Lakes IT Report
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