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Associated Petroleum Natural-Gas Flaring Study Shows Tremendous Russian Market Potential
IAI REVIEW.ORG - (December 23, 2010). International Alternative Investment Review discusses a study conducted by Gas Technologies market consultant PFC Energy.

Using Russia's Associated Gas, a study conducted by PFC Energy on behalf of the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction partnership (GGFR), estimates that it could be economically viable to utilize up to 80% of the country's flared natural gas, generating several billion dollars in annual value and also eliminating up to 80 million tons per year of CO2. Russian authorities and the GGFR partnership have worked to identify the most effective ways for Russia to reduce gas flaring. GGFR commissioned the study as part of this ongoing support.

.: International Alternative Press Review

Gas Technologies Validates The GasTechno® Single-Step Gas-to-Liquids Process In Successful Field Trials
PETOSKEY, MI - (December 6, 2010). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL), developer of the only patented, single-step, non-catalytic process that converts methane to methanol, today announced the successful conversion of natural gas into raw methanol and associated product during field trials of the GasTechno® Mobile trailer unit.

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Gas Technologies Featured In Prestigious Magazine Elevator With European Distribution
PETOSKEY, MI - (July 26, 2010). Gas Technologies was selected as one of seven companies to be featured in the prestigious magazine called, Elevator. Elevator is an exclusive glossy publication distributed in hard copy to banks, high net-worth individuals, family offices and private equity groups in Europe and the USA. They also have a growing distribution to airports and bookstore chains in some parts of New York and California.

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GasTechnologies Reports Completion of New Fertilizer Add-On Technology With Inventor And Board Advisor, Dr. Arthur Nonomura
PETOSKEY, MI - (May 14, 2010). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) is pleased to report the completed designs and cost/revenue estimations on the new GasTechno® fertilizer add-on technology. The solution is technically superior to those being promoted worldwide.

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Gas Technologies Appoints Zeton Inc. As Its Preferred Engineering And Design-Build Firm
PETOSKEY, MI -- (March 31, 2010). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) is pleased to announce the agreement reached with Zeton Inc. to provide engineering and design-build services for the GasTechno® methane-to-methanol process demonstration plant.

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Gas Technologies Appoints Ken Battle Services to Validate GasTechno® Process Designs And Its Economics
PETOSKEY, MI -- (January 25, 2010). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) is pleased to announce the agreement reached with Ken Battle Services to evaluate andand validate the GasTechno Process technology and economic claims. Gas Technologies has recently been evaluated by one of the world's most recognized energy and petrochemical companies in Europe. The evaluation resulted in some key questions that can be validated by a third-party professional engineering firm. Therefore, Gas Technologies began its search for an engineering firm with the credentials and capabilities to perform this scope of work. After proposals from several engineering firms in the United States, they selected Ken Battle Services based in New Jersey to complete this study.

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Biochemical Process Engineer Evan Visser Joins Gas Technologies
PETOSKEY, MI -- (January 5, 2010). Gas Technologies LLC (GTL) is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Evan Visser as a new full-time Biochemical Process Engineer. His expertise will assist in expanding on Gas Technology's proprietary and patented methane-to-methanol process further downstream into clean fuels, green chemicals, natural products and fertilizers. His focus will be to work under the guidance of Dr. Arthur Nonomura, who was recently appointed Technical Advisor to GTL, on chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes involving formaldehyde, alcohols and fertilizer additives for the formulation of GTL's downstream products.

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