About Gas Technologies LLC

We are an alternative energy company helping gas producers create value from small sources of stranded, vented and flared gas. We work with natural gas producers, landfill operators and biogas producers.

Corporate Backgrounder
GTL is poised for the worldwide commercialization of the GasTechno® process--a single step non-catalytic process that converts methane to methanol.

There are no commercial or emerging competitors in our target market: small scale stranded gas sources from 50 thousand standard cubic feet per day (mscfd) to 30 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd). These sources represent 80% of the global stranded and flared gas market.

.: Read about our GasTechno Mini-GTL platform...

Growth Strategy
Gas Technologies is recruiting a global network of early adopters and subsidiary partners.

Through our association with global oil and gas companies, World Bank and the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership, we are pursuing interested customers worldwide. We anticipate licensing our technology to select contributing governments and gas flaring members through this strategy.

If you are:

- A producer venting or flaring gas

- Carrying stranded gas reserves on your books

- A chemical or alternative fuels company that can't keep up with fluctuating feedstock costs

GasTechno can help you improve profits.
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Contact Information
Michigan Headquarters
Gas Technologies LLC
Walloon Lake, Michigan 49796-0640 USA

Tel: +1-231-535-2914
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Management & Advisory Board
The GasTechno® platform is a direct result of the passion and talent of a uniquely gifted team of innovators.